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My web was my first "big" web project, I am an IT engineer that normally works on Desktop Software (C/C++, Java, etc.). The idea with this projects was and still is to create a place where I can share my opinions, projects, experiences and personal/profesinal information (Skill, studies, etc.).

As my first web project I wanted it to be as original and authentic as I could. I started to code it from zero, just with a text editor and a browser to preview it. With a couple of days I started getting the firsts results and I thought more what exact points I wanted to have on my web, I realised that it would be a bit redundant, but still educative for my personal knowledge to change the way of making it.

After the many fights against CSS, I asked my self why I had to reinvent the wheel while there where thousands of great options for the point I wanted to reach, so I decided to restart the project on WordPress. Wordpress gave me a great tool to create my reviews and posts and manage them on a easy and efficient way and the ability to create a great and stylish portfolio for my projects. During this period I still cotinued with the initial fase, for learning purposes, but the website was on wordpress, so never went online.

Some years later, bored of wordpress, and with much more experience and knwoledge, I started looking for two things:

  1. A more afortable way of hosting a personal website with blog and portfolio capabilities.
  2. A new chalenge for me, I wanted to learn new things, wordpress was already had a tick on my list.

After looking for many CMS, I found Jekyll. A simple, blog-aware, static site generator, based on Ruby. At that point I had a great tool to create blogs and my personal website. The the work was on finding a hosting for the web. Jekyll had a great feature, it generates static websites so I didn't hav e the need for a full server. And the best solution was on Amazon AWS. They had an amazin infrastructure of services with all I needed: Performance at a low budget, security and excalable solutions.

Jekyll + Amazon S3 + Amazon CloudFront = ♥

Change Log

v1.0:_Home Made Scratch code.
v1.1: Wordpress. New theme with a front page and portfolio.
v1.2: Blog added.
v1.2.1: Blog in 2 languages (English and Spanish).
v1.3: SSL Certificate (10/08/2016).
v1.4: Online Shop added. (14/08/2016).
v1.5: Jekyll migration. (30/08/2017).

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