EyeCare Software

EyeCare is an Open-Source, free application for windows users to help protect your eyes during computer time.

EyeCare uses reminders to guide you to relax your eyes after periods of computer use. Eyecare has two types of remindiers, that are totaly customizable for user comodity.

Custom Options

  • Disable, one or all reminders.
  • Disable reminders while in Fullscreen mode (Usefull while watching films or gamming).
  • Disable audio callouts.
  • Enable reminder with only audio callouts, no visual window will show.
  • Force Mode, that disables the close option on reminder. It also blocks the Iteraction with other windows with the mouse. (Reminder will stay on Top of any other window).
  • Select if you want to start with windows.

Future updates

  • Screen bluelight filter.
  • Toast Notifications.

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