FAAR - After Action Replay

FAAR or Frontside After Action Replay is a tool that allows players to see from a top view a replay of a previous played mission in Arma 3.

The objective is to give players and strategic enthusiasts a tool, where they can analyze the mission from the exterior point of view, analyze all the movements of enemy and ally units and see the errors that had been made to be able to trace a solution.

This tool has been designed with an specific network infrastructure, that allows mostly any type of game server (dedicated, hosted, rented) and hosting (dedicated, shared) to be able to run it.

The data obtained in real time inside the game is sent to the relay where is temporary stored and processed, once the mission has ended, the data is sent via FTP to the web server so it can be viewed by any user.

This tool was designed for Frontside Gaming Community with ♥



  • Arma 3 Game Server (64bits)
  • Web Hosting with FTP
  • Windows or Linux Machine to run the Relay (Dedicated, hosted or personal PC). This can be the same machine as the dedicated Arma 3 server.


  • Real Time view of the data retrived by the game server.
  • More icons for all types of units and objects.
  • Ability to draw over the map.

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