Frontside Gaming Web Portal

This custom and hand made web portal was designed and developed for private use in Fronside Gaming.

The idea behind the development was to create a place to complementate the forum. A place to help organice de community on both, use perspective and administratively.

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User Cases

The portal allows to users to find community curses, see server information and its status, and to check personal and group stadistics. On the other side, admins can manage all users by creating new, updating their ranks, specs, curses, misions and stats. Admins can also mange and create new content like curses and missions.


  • Login, recover password.
  • View online curses.
  • Edit Account data (icon, personal data, email, password, etc.).
  • View cursed curses and mission in which user participated.
  • Check cummunity’s stadistics.
  • View connection data for all servers available (Addess, IP, Password).
  • Download Mod packs made by the community.
  • Some calculators for simulators and various tools.


Same as users plus:

  • Admin or Leader panel access.
  • Manage and create users.
  • Manage community costs.
  • Create Ranks, Specializations, Misions and Curses.
  • Edit Ranks, Specializations, Misions, Curses and Stadistics.
  • Adding participants to curses and misions.

Technical information

  1. Custom and secure login system, with password recovery.
  2. Persmision system for page restiction.
  3. Custom template engine for more easy manteinance and development.
  4. Fully modulable for future upgrades.
  5. Simple interface.


  • Frontend is developed using Bootstrap framework.
  • Backend is developed using Laravel and a MySQL database for storing all data.


  • Full Web development took (to post date), about 720 hours. During 2 years on my spare time.
  • The hole project (web and portal) are distributed over 20756 hand writen lines of code.
  • Developed by 1 person.

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