FSG Oficial Addon

Frontside Gaming official Add-on is a custom made mod for Arma 3. It was developed by the FSG Add-on Developer Team, formed by Ivan Exposito and Miguel Angel Navalon. The add-on itself was developed for private use over Frontside Gaming community members, even though is available for public download and enjoyment.

The add-on can be downloaded form Steam Workshop, and recives automatics updates.


The Add-on includes a big pack of both game mechanics and objects for great customization and branding of Frontside Gaming members inside Arma 3.

Inside the addon we can find the following equipemnt objects:


All the uniforms have 3 variants for Desert, Forest/Jungle and Snow environments. All the textures are custom made by the Add-on Developer Team. Each variant has even different camos for terrain and customization integration.


Talking about vests, the Add-on adds two versions: heavy and light. Each of those versiones has three variants, one for each of the camo available (Desert, Forest/Jungle and Snow).

The Addon also provides to veteran members the ability to have all the versions and variants with an extra customization with their name, tag, and insignia all over the vest.

For further customization there are some specific role vest, for medics and explosive specialist, so they can be indentified faster and easier on the field.


The helmets, as the vest, do also have two versions, light and improved, all of them with the same three variants shown before. Those do also support extra customization with insignias and role specify versions.



Backpacks are designed for the three envirenmets (Desert, Forest/Jungle and Snow). Each of the three in only unique versions for soldiers in general, medics and explosive specialists.


The Add-on also adds some objects for decorarations such as flags, signs, icons and insignias.


The metalcase is a custom object that allows our users to have their own loadouts saved on a quick way. The metalcase acts as a filter in the Virtual Arsenal, showing only their weapons, and customized equipment. This way each user has it's own, unique and personalized metalcase with their objects and equipment.

Each metalcase has the owner's name on top, with some medal stickers form all the places where has been playing with our community. It does also include a unique logo choosen by the user.


For faster mision creation and easier loadout assignation to player slots, we added a new custom faction for the Frontside Gaming community. Each veteran member has it's own soldier men with it's loadout pre-configured and with it's equipment assigned. We also added some base soldier, instructor and leader classes inside de Faction.


Game mechanics

Last but not least, the Add-on adds an ACE3 Extension for the medical System. We aded this Medical bag:


The Bag, fits inside a Backpack, and allows to the medic upon bag deployment to have extended medical capabilities. Technically, the deployed bag is a medical vehicle itself, allowing the ACE 3 advanced medic system to apply surgial kit to the pacient.

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