Arma 3 Server Config Generator

Arma Server Config Generator is an Open-Source project under GPLv3 Licence for creating Arma 3 Server config files, known as ´server.cfg´ files.

I was bored of having to search the wiki to find a template for my server config, and then having to look for what all the parameters meant. This project is a solution I came with to configure arma 3 servers quicker and easier for any type of user. Hopefully it will be as usefull as it is for me.

This Tool has both, a basic mode for quick creating a config, or an advanced version with full control over the lastest parameters Arma 3 is offering.


Head to a3config.byjokese.com and select the mode Basic or Advanced with the button selector.

Mode Selector buttons

Every option has a brief description under the user input describing the paramater usage in Arma 3. Only 3 inputs are requiered the rest of parameters are pre configured with a default value.

Once finished creating the config setup, just click one of the two buttons available (one at the right side navigation menu, and the other at the bottom of the page), a messague of download will pop up. Click on save, and you are ready to go!

Suggestions and Contributions

Feel free to comment any suggestion or bug found in the tool. A full list of features and known errors can be found on the Issues Section of this repository.

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