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My Web


My web was my first big web project, it contains all my personal and profesional information, such as: My education, my skills, contact info, my services…

As my first web I wanted to be as original and authentic as I could. I started to code it from zero, just with a text editor and a browser to preview it. The main idea was to make my profesional/personal webpage with all my information, keeping also a page for my hobbies: Videogames. As I started to get eh first results and I thought more what exact points I wanted to have on my web, I realised that it would be a bit redundant, but still educative for my personal knowledge to change the way of making it.

After the first fights against CSS, and seeing that I would require much more advance code, I asked my self why I had to reinvent the wheel while there where thousands of great options for the point I wanted to reach, so I decided to restart the project here, on WordPress. Wordpress gave me a great tool to create my reviews and posts and manage them on a easy and efficient way and the ability to create a great and stylish portfolio for my projects.


Currently this web is structured as follows:

  • Home page: Just a good looking and eye catching welcome page.
  • About: Contains all the info about my: education certificates, my skills…
  • Portfolio: Here are all my projects, with a description and all the data and info about them, and if is available a download link for it.
  • Blog: Both in English and Spanish versions.
  • Shop: A shop for pc building, and merchandise.
  • Contact: As self describes, all the info for contacting me: email, phone, skype…

The page has also some other back pages for credits as not all the images used on the build of the current version of the web are mine, so I wanted to give them a small site

Initial version: v1.0
v1.1: Update to one front page. Moved all the pages and joined all at the front page (Home).
v1.2: Blog added. And Deleted the gaming sub-domain site.
v1.2.1: Blog in 2 languages (English and Spanish).
v1.3: SSL Certificate (10/08/2016).
v1.4: Online Shop added. (14/08/2016).